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Visit our showroom today in Libertytown, Maryland your one- stop-shop for chemicals, supplies and accessories, water testing, and free consultation on your backyard pool and spa!

Laurel Pools stocks a full line of "fun stuff" for the kid in all of us that will make your pool time over the top.  

Cleaning supplies and chemicals ...

A complete selection of discount spa and swimming pool cleaning supplies and chemicals so you spend less time cleaning your pool and more time with family and friends enjoying your pool.

Maintenance supplies ...

A wide assortment of maintenance supplies and replacement parts for maximum maintenance of your backyard pool and spa.

Laurel Pools

Convenient, congenial, and "country-store" friendly customer service.

Water analysis test station ...
A dedicated water analysis test station provides our customers with fast, informative, and thorough test results for analyzing your pool or spa's water chemistry and maintaining optimum water conditions.