Finding the best pool for your family is easy now that you have found Laurel Pools.  Since 1976, Laurel Pools in Libertytown Maryland has supplied the magic of transforming backyards all over Mid-Maryland   into a world of pure family fun and enjoyment.  With countless designs from the best manufactures such as Leisure Pools and Pacific Pools, Eddie Griffith will help you find the right pool for you.  Mike Nail, (Eddies brother-in-law) will build it to spec, and Carolyn (Eddies wife and Mikes sister) will keep those two in line as every good boss does.  Now that you know the players, please enjoy our website.  Give us call 301-304-2221 or click the link above to get more information or to schedule an in home appointment.  No cost, no obligation and certainly no strong arming by Eddie.  Carolyn will put him on the couch if he does.

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